Ultrasound is an Alzheimer’s b...

11 Jul, 2015 by

Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) researchers discovered that non-invasive ultrasound technology breaks apart the neurotoxic amyloid plaques that result in memory loss and cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease.

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Alzheimer’s breakthrough uses ...

23 Mar, 2015 by

Queensland Brain Institute announce an Alzheimer’s treatment breakthrough using ultrasound technology

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Dementia Research Centre Annou...

12 Nov, 2014 by

Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) joins with the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Biophysics (IBP) to create a dementia research centre.

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Dementia Research: New learnin...

29 May, 2013 by

Dementia Research: A University of Queensland study has identified precisely when new neurons become important for learning.

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Dementia Research at Queenslan...

23 May, 2013 by

Dementia Research at Queensland Brain Institute: I was recently invited to visit the Queensland Brain Institute Centre for Ageing Dementia Research in Brisbane and was impressed by one of the world’s leading research facilities.

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Dementia News: Alzheimer’s to ...

22 May, 2013 by

Dementia News: Alzheimer’s disease could be detected using a simple online test, according to scientists at the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) at the University of Queensland (UQ).

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