Pippa Kelly – What’s in ...

26 Sep, 2015 by

When my mum moved into her nursing home the staff called her Kathleen because that was, actually, her name. But the truth is she was never called Kathleen, or Kathy, or Kate. My mum was always Kay.

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Dementia Friendly. What does i...

25 Apr, 2015 by

Dementia Friendly. What does it really mean? Pippa Kelly finds out.

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Care Farms & Dementia ...

18 Jan, 2015 by

Pippa Kelly is back with another great post, this time talking about Care Farms and their use in Dementia.

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Hospices and Their Ethos of Ca...

14 Dec, 2014 by

Pippa Kelly used to have an irrational fear of hospices. The very sound of the word, with its soft susurrations, whispered of sorrow and foreboding.

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Care Home Abuse & Audio T...

24 Nov, 2014 by

Imagine being confronted with concrete evidence that your husband, who has dementia and lives in a nursing home, is being abused by those responsible for his care.

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The Story Of Tall Tim – ...

25 Oct, 2014 by

The Story Of Tall Tim – Pippa Kelly – Pippa tells us the story of how a (very tall) man found his vocation.

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The Unending Grief of the Deme...

29 Sep, 2014 by

The Unending Grief of the Dementia Carer by Pippa Kelly

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Drawing From The Inside Out

27 Sep, 2014 by

Drawing From The Inside Out : Engage & Create, it’s dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with dementia and those who care for them.

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Pippa Kelly – Cure. Care...

1 Aug, 2014 by

Pippa Kelly – Cure. Care. Humanity. When I heard about the three different eras of dementia that have occurred in Japan I vowed to learn more.

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