Filming the Purple Angel Demen...

28 Jun, 2015 by

The Purple Angel, is going global with this Kickstarter Project. Help them film in the USA. Check out their goals – be part of the team making this happen!

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The Mountain They Call ”DEMENT...

24 May, 2015 by

Norman McNamara has written a parody of his 7 year Dementia Journey with Lewy Bodies Dementia.

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The Shadow Man

3 May, 2015 by

Norman McNamara shares his latest prose about his journey with Lewy Body’s type Dementia.

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Song raises funds for The Purp...

23 Dec, 2014 by

Norman MacNamara launches a new song to raise funds for The Purple Angel Care Team.

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Purple Angel Dementia Care Tea...

13 Dec, 2014 by

Norman McNamarra is delighted to announce the first Purple Angel Care Team is coming in early 2015

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Dementia Mentors

25 Jul, 2014 by

Dementia Mentors: Norman McNamara writes about becoming a mentor for others on a dementia journey.

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Dementia Documentary Featuring...

8 Jul, 2014 by

Dementia Documentary Featuring Norman MacNamara all about his diagnosis, whats happened since and his hopes for the future.

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As Time Goes By…….Dementia, Wh...

23 Jun, 2014 by

As Time Goes By…….Dementia, Why I do what I do by Norman McNamara.

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Dementia Poetry: Walk With Me ...

25 May, 2014 by

Dementia Poetry: Walk With Me Down Dementia`s Path by Norman McNamara

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Norman McNamara Interview at t...

3 Apr, 2014 by

Dementia Videos: Norman McNamara Interview at the Living with Alzheimer’s Roundtable in London.

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Purple Angel Dementia Campaign...

28 Jan, 2014 by

Purple Angel Dementia Campaign, Story So Far by Norman Macnamara.

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Dementia – It’s 4a...

16 Jan, 2014 by

As I look around the room its pitch black, it takes my eyes a few seconds to adjust to the darkness and when they do I see the silhouette of my wife (My Angel Elaine) just reaching over for a sip of water.

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