Dementia Poetry: Parallel Univ...

7 Jun, 2014 by

Dementia Poetry: Parallel Universe by Demented Girl

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Dementia Poetry: Tightrope

31 May, 2014 by

Dementia Poetry: Tightrope – I’m delighted to introduce our new contributor of Dementia Poetry, Demented Girl.

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Dementia Poetry: Walk With Me ...

25 May, 2014 by

Dementia Poetry: Walk With Me Down Dementia`s Path by Norman McNamara

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Dementia – It’s 4a...

16 Jan, 2014 by

As I look around the room its pitch black, it takes my eyes a few seconds to adjust to the darkness and when they do I see the silhouette of my wife (My Angel Elaine) just reaching over for a sip of water.

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Dementia Journeys: Same Awaken...

2 Dec, 2013 by

Dementia Journeys: Same Awakenings: Norman McNamara reflects on another day waking with dementia.

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Dementia Poems: Please!

19 Aug, 2013 by

Dementia Poems: Please by Norman Mc Namara. Please Share.

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Wabi Sabi: An Ancient Voice

11 Aug, 2013 by

Wabi Sabi: An Ancient Voice: One of my favourite haiku poets Wabi Sabi responded to the haiku prompt ‘Ancient Voices’ with these touching words.

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Dementia Poems: Today By Norma...

19 Jul, 2013 by

Dementia Poems: Today By Norman McNamara: Norms has asked that we pass this poem on, so please download and share it!

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Dementia Journeys: Four Years ...

11 Jul, 2013 by

Dementia Journeys: Four Years Ago: Norman McNamara revisits two posts about his Dementia Journey he wrote four years ago.

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Dementia Journey Greeting Card...

9 Jul, 2013 by

JRB’s Haiku (aka John Belchamber) is working on a project to publish Dementia Journey related haiku, poems and other writings. As part of this project, John has made a range of dementia related products available on his Zazzle Store.

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Dementia Haiku: Raft Of Love

10 Jun, 2013 by

This Haiku was inspired by a conversation on my Dementia Journeys twitter feed.

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Dementia Haiku: You Blow Out C...

6 Jun, 2013 by

Dementia Haiku: You Blow Out Candles – written for our twitter and Facebook friend Kim Hudson for her Dad’s Birthday.

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