Under The Rose Bush by Jane Fr...

2 Jan, 2016 by

Jane Fry who lives near me in Kenmore, Queensland has used her personal Dementia Journey to write this lovely book Under The Rose Bush which follows a young girl as her grandma goes from being a healthy, bright and vibrant woman to someone suffering from Alzheimer’s.

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Pippa Kelly – What’s in ...

26 Sep, 2015 by

When my mum moved into her nursing home the staff called her Kathleen because that was, actually, her name. But the truth is she was never called Kathleen, or Kathy, or Kate. My mum was always Kay.

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Filming the Purple Angel Demen...

28 Jun, 2015 by

The Purple Angel, is going global with this Kickstarter Project. Help them film in the USA. Check out their goals – be part of the team making this happen!

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The Mountain They Call ”DEMENT...

24 May, 2015 by

Norman McNamara has written a parody of his 7 year Dementia Journey with Lewy Bodies Dementia.

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The Shadow Man

3 May, 2015 by

Norman McNamara shares his latest prose about his journey with Lewy Body’s type Dementia.

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Caregivers – spirit, min...

15 Nov, 2014 by

Through the five years I took care of my mother, as her dedicated caregiver, this will be the first blog I write to share my exhaustion and frustration – since I also worked full-time with a family of my own.

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Dementia Blogs: Which Me Am I ...

1 Nov, 2014 by

Dementia Blogs: Which Me Am I Today – Gemma Mitchell recently tweeted me a link to her Mum’s new blog about her Dementia Journey which has just begun.

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Ming Ho: Confabulations, No Ce...

26 Oct, 2014 by

Confabulation. Sounds like a hybrid word, doesn’t it, like “fantabulous” or “ginormous”?

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The Story Of Tall Tim – ...

25 Oct, 2014 by

The Story Of Tall Tim – Pippa Kelly – Pippa tells us the story of how a (very tall) man found his vocation.

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The Unending Grief of the Deme...

29 Sep, 2014 by

The Unending Grief of the Dementia Carer by Pippa Kelly

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Pippa Kelly – Cure. Care...

1 Aug, 2014 by

Pippa Kelly – Cure. Care. Humanity. When I heard about the three different eras of dementia that have occurred in Japan I vowed to learn more.

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Dementia Mentors

25 Jul, 2014 by

Dementia Mentors: Norman McNamara writes about becoming a mentor for others on a dementia journey.

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