Hellooooo From Constantly Tryi...

31 May, 2014 by

Hellooooo From Constantly Trying – Wowzers. I’m actually sitting at the laptop and going to write something…

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Constantly Trying – It&#...

25 Nov, 2013 by

Constantly Trying – It’s been a while: it’s been a while since we’ve heard from our friend Constantly Trying. This heartfelt post about living with a husband with early onset Dementia explains why. Our thoughts are with you and yours CT!

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It’s Taken Me A While To...

19 Aug, 2013 by

Dementia Journeys: It’s Taken Me A While To Write This One – in this post regular contributor Constantly Trying “writes things that I hadn’t realised that I’d even thought”.

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Constantly Trying – Inte...

5 Jul, 2013 by

Constantly Trying – Interesting Night…hearing voices is a part of the Dementia Journey. In this post, Constantly Trying tells us of her restless night.

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Dementia Journeys. Got To Keep...

16 Jun, 2013 by

Dementia Journeys: Our regular contributor Constantly Trying is juggling life with three children and a husband with early onset dementia who needs a haircut.

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Dementia Journeys: Like Being ...

4 Jun, 2013 by

Dementia Journeys: Like Being On A See-saw: “Controversial though it might be, I would appreciate my husband being GPS tagged, not because he’s getting lost, but because I haven’t a clue where he is” writes regular contributor Constantly Trying.

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Dementia Journeys: Whinging It...

22 May, 2013 by

Dementia Journeys: A wonderful post by Constantly Trying (@CTrying) about her realities of dealing with a loved one on a Dementia Journey.

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