Episode 2 – Seeing the d...

8 Nov, 2015 by

“My name is Samantha Burton. This is a story about my Mom, and our journey with Alzheimer’s disease.”

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Pippa Kelly – What’s in ...

26 Sep, 2015 by

When my mum moved into her nursing home the staff called her Kathleen because that was, actually, her name. But the truth is she was never called Kathleen, or Kathy, or Kate. My mum was always Kay.

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The Joy of Now: A Caregiver...

14 Jul, 2015 by

Caregiving can at times take over every part of your life. Phyllis shares her experience caregiving for the five members in her family’s older generation.

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Person-Centered Care

24 Dec, 2014 by

This video beautifully portrays the lives of 5 people living with dementia and shows how person-centered care helps them live meaningful lives.

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Caregivers – spirit, min...

15 Nov, 2014 by

Through the five years I took care of my mother, as her dedicated caregiver, this will be the first blog I write to share my exhaustion and frustration – since I also worked full-time with a family of my own.

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The Unending Grief of the Deme...

29 Sep, 2014 by

The Unending Grief of the Dementia Carer by Pippa Kelly

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Two Minute Film Every Couple M...

15 Jul, 2014 by

Two Minute Film Every Couple Must Watch – Dementia Journeys

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The Case of the Disappearing K...

14 Jul, 2014 by

The Case of the Disappearing Keys a wonderful guests post by Matinee.

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Caregiving….slam that phone re...

22 Jun, 2014 by

Caregiving….slam that phone receiver against the wall… another great guest post by by Suzette Brown

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Memory – the sum of our past b...

14 Jun, 2014 by

Memory – the sum of our past: a guest post by by Pippa Kelly.

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Hellooooo From Constantly Tryi...

31 May, 2014 by

Hellooooo From Constantly Trying – Wowzers. I’m actually sitting at the laptop and going to write something…

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Not Just “Memory Problem...

31 May, 2014 by

Not Just “Memory Problems” – another great post by regular contributor Ming Ho.

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