Under The Rose Bush by Jane Fr...

2 Jan, 2016 by

Jane Fry who lives near me in Kenmore, Queensland has used her personal Dementia Journey to write this lovely book Under The Rose Bush which follows a young girl as her grandma goes from being a healthy, bright and vibrant woman to someone suffering from Alzheimer’s.

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4 Tips for Coping After an Alz...

6 Nov, 2015 by

Wellness Coach Vee Cecil offers some tips for for coping after being diagnosed with Dementia.

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Ultrasound is an Alzheimer’s b...

11 Jul, 2015 by

Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) researchers discovered that non-invasive ultrasound technology breaks apart the neurotoxic amyloid plaques that result in memory loss and cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease.

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Alzheimer’s Study Seeks ...

2 May, 2015 by

If you’re worried about getting Alzheimer’s and live in the USA, participate in this study.

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Alzheimer’s breakthrough uses ...

23 Mar, 2015 by

Queensland Brain Institute announce an Alzheimer’s treatment breakthrough using ultrasound technology

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Infographic – Living Wit...

23 Mar, 2015 by

Living With Alzheimer’s – an informative infographic from Helen O’ Keeffe from Homecare Plus.

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Is There A Dementia Epidemic I...

17 Jan, 2015 by

The team at Bluebird Care emailed me this informative infographic on Alzheimer’s

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The Unspoken Impact of Dementi...

19 Oct, 2014 by

Dementia Videos: The Unspoken Impact of Dementia from Alzheimer’s Australia.

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My Mom My Hero: Alzheimer̵...

26 Jul, 2014 by

My Mom My Hero: Alzheimer’s – A mother and daughter’s bittersweet journey By Lisa R. Hirsch (Kindle edition)      ...

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Unforgettable – A Walk w...

13 Jul, 2014 by

Dementia Videos: Unforgettable – A Walk with Alzheimer’s: I shall let this short animation do its own talking….

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Painting in Twilight: An Artis...

6 Jul, 2014 by

Painting in Twilight: An Artist’s Escape from Alzheimer’s a video from UAB Magazine.

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Alzheimer’s Through My M...

4 May, 2014 by

Alzheimer’s Through My Mother’s Eyes By Suzette Brown

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