Episode 1 – Spotting the...

7 Nov, 2015 by

My name is Samantha Burton. This is a story about my Mom, and our journey with Alzheimer’s disease.

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Alzheimer’s breakthrough uses ...

23 Mar, 2015 by

Queensland Brain Institute announce an Alzheimer’s treatment breakthrough using ultrasound technology

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World Alzheimer Report 2013

23 Sep, 2013 by

World Alzheimer Report 2013 Reveals Global Alzheimer’s Epidemic Creating Shortage Of Caregivers, Lack Of Support For Family Members.

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World Alzheimer Report 2012

27 May, 2013 by

The World Alzheimer Report 2012: Overcoming the stigma of dementia, released on 21 September 2012, shares results from a worldwide survey conducted with people with dementia and carers on their personal experiences of stigma.

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Dementia A Public Health Prior...

26 Apr, 2013 by

Dementia A Public Health Priority: The World Health Organisation and Alzheimer’s International have published this paper looking at the way forward for what it calls “a global public health challenge.”

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