Who cares for the Professional Carers?

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    Julie Line

    Reading Darren Gromley’s Blog this morning http://darrengormley.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/how-one-picture-can-be-worth-thousand.html raised a question I have asked many times over the years “Who cares for the Professional Carers”?

    Darren talks of his “Mask of Professionalism” but this does not stop the feelings when someone he has built up a strong and trusting relationship finally slips away.  Mum used to refer to “Putting her Work Head on” when going to see patients and families affected by Cancer immediately after we had lost Dad to the disease.

    During Mum’s 3 years at Critchill Court the staff grew to love her and were obviously deeply saddened by her death.  Their End of Life Care was second to none and they cared not only for their Residents but the families as well.  Mum’s was the 20th death they had faced in 12 months.  Each one of those people was a beloved member of their extended family but “The Show Must Go On” for the sake of those left behind.

    We are now, thankfully, hearing more about supporting family carers but maybe a thought should also be spared for the Professionals facing this situation every day. I, for one, Salute you all.


    John Belchamber

    Hear hear Julie!

    I remember Mum doing her utmost to keep her experiences as a nurse separate from her family life. On occasion it would spill over, but compared to how often I find myself talking about my work at home, hardly at all.

    When Mum’s professional and personal lives collided with Dad’s cancer, I have no idea how she managed to juggle the roles of Hospice Nurse, Wife, Mum, Gran, Friend. But she did, and I suspect it impacted on her health later in life.

    One would hope that professional carers get some training in navigating their emotional journeys, but the long term impact of spending so much time dealing with emotional situations must have an impact on the carers and those around them?





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