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    Welcome To The Dementia Journeys Forum

    This forum is provided as a place for those on a Dementia Journey to communicate with people who understand/empathise with the journey.

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    Our Aims

    • To provide a safe place for patients and careers to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences of their Dementia Journey;
    • To attract experts relating to the Dementia Journey to share their knowledge and experience with members;
    • To facilitate friendships by making the forum…
    • A place of peace, respect, listening, positive contributions and of course…smiles, love and laughter;


    • No Swearing – please keep your language ‘family friendly’
    • No SPAM – using the forum to spam users and/or link building will not be tolerated
    • No Abusing Other Users – it’s ok to disagree with someone, but do so respectfully as if you were talking with them face-to-face
    • Keep On Topic – please keep to the topic of the discussion. If you with to start another discussion, please start a topic.
    • Read, Think, Post – take time to read through a topic before posting. If you find you have something to add to the discussion, then please post.
    • Report Breeches – if you feel a user has breached the aims and rules of this forum, please let us know.

    All posts in this forum are moderated to ensure that they comply with the above aims of the forum. Posts that (in the opinion of the moderator) do not meet this criteria will not be published. Persistent breeches of the Forum’s aims and rules may result in the user being removed and barred.

    Please follow the forum rules and aims remembering that all posts are moderated and won’t appear until approved.

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    Smiles, love & laughter

    John Belchamber



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