Dementia Poem Project ~ How Does Your Dementia Journey Make You Feel?

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    Hi I”m John Belchamber.

    I’m the founder of Dementia Journeys and I’m also a Haiku Poet publishing a blog called JRB’s Haiku as well as in book and eBook formats.

    Dementia Poem Project

    I’ve started writing a series of Haiku Poems and writings on experiences during a Dementia Journey and aim to produce a book of these, donating the profits to Dementia research. To help me with this project, I’d love to hear from others on, or who have taken, a Dementia Journey …

    My Questions Are

    • How does/did you Dementia Journey make you feel?
    • What were your darkest moments?
    • What smiles, love and laughter did you experience?
    • How did your emotions change through the journey?
    • What do you wish you could (or had) say?

    Please be comfortable that whilst I will use the experiences here to help me create this book, no names or identifying information would be used unless you asked me to create something for you.

    Register to use our  Forum Here

    Smiles, love and laughter

    John Belchamber


    Julie Line

    Imagine leaving someone you love alone in a place they do not know, surrounded by people they do not recognise when they do not know why they are there.  Then add the fact that they would not know how to contact you if they were frightened or distressed – assuming they remember who you are to contact.

    That was the situation I found myself in when Mum was in hospital once.  I had been there for 18 hours and it was 5am. Mum was asleep and I needed a break but I was so frightened of leaving her.  The staff thought I was a Rottweiler Guard Dog the way I was so protective but she was my Mum and it was my job to care for her.  It was always my biggest fear that she would have to leave her wonderful carehome and be admitted to hospital.

    In the end the staff were fantastic and Mum’s 10 day stay was not as traumatic as I feared it would be.  She was soon on the mend and back in her home with the carers who loved her.

    I told this story to John at the time his daughter was in hospital and he was feeling emotional about leaving her.  His Haiku “I left you Alone” says it all.



    Julie Line

    Your Dementia Haiku are certainly bringing Smiles Love & Laughter to your Twitter followers. It is brilliant the way you pick up on a theme from a conversation and write the Haiku to fit.

    I’m sure there are lots more Dementia Journeyers who would love to have their experiences told in your own special way.


    Julie Line

    John has now written several poems for followers of @DementiaJourney on Twitter. He sees a post and picks up on the feelings behind it. You can read many of these on the Dementia Journeys Facebook page

    One of my favourites was the Birthday greeting for @Kimbohud’s Dad



    Physical book is great collections to have than of its digital format version. Any idea where to get exact book of this near San Francisco. Only few books store are available near Oakland Avenue where I lived, but none of this books are available.. If no possible option to get, perhaps will place it online.

    “works at

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