3 Things You Can Do to Priorit...

10 Feb, 2018 by

Thank you to Lydia Chan of Alzheimerscaregiver.net for providing this article. Caregivers shoulder so many responsibilities that it...

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Pippa Kelly – What’s in ...

26 Sep, 2015 by

When my mum moved into her nursing home the staff called her Kathleen because that was, actually, her name. But the truth is she was never called Kathleen, or Kathy, or Kate. My mum was always Kay.

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Don’t Neglect Your Own Well-be...

6 Jun, 2015 by

Looking after a loved one can really take its toll both physically and mentally, making it easy to neglect your own needs.

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The Dementia Carer Voices Surv...

23 May, 2015 by

The Dementia Carer Voices Survey provided a platform for carers across the country to share their experiences of caring for a loved one with dementia.

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Care Farms & Dementia ...

18 Jan, 2015 by

Pippa Kelly is back with another great post, this time talking about Care Farms and their use in Dementia.

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Dementia and Challenging Behav...

5 Jan, 2015 by

Dementia Videos: Dementia and Challenging Behaviour Documentary By Sindhu Eldo

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Person-Centered Care

24 Dec, 2014 by

This video beautifully portrays the lives of 5 people living with dementia and shows how person-centered care helps them live meaningful lives.

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Can your Mother come live with...

22 Dec, 2014 by

“Mom should not be living alone anymore” Suzette Brown talks about her experience on hearing those words.

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Hospices and Their Ethos of Ca...

14 Dec, 2014 by

Pippa Kelly used to have an irrational fear of hospices. The very sound of the word, with its soft susurrations, whispered of sorrow and foreboding.

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Care Home Abuse & Audio T...

24 Nov, 2014 by

Imagine being confronted with concrete evidence that your husband, who has dementia and lives in a nursing home, is being abused by those responsible for his care.

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Caregivers – spirit, min...

15 Nov, 2014 by

Through the five years I took care of my mother, as her dedicated caregiver, this will be the first blog I write to share my exhaustion and frustration – since I also worked full-time with a family of my own.

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Ming Ho: Confabulations, No Ce...

26 Oct, 2014 by

Confabulation. Sounds like a hybrid word, doesn’t it, like “fantabulous” or “ginormous”?

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