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Dementia Journeys

The inspiration behind the Dementia Journeys website was Anne Belchamber, the mother to my sisters and I as well as a Gran and Great Gran.

Smiles, Love & Laughter

Mum ended her Dementia Journey on 31st January 2013. It was a journey that spanned many years and two hemispheres with her family in the UK and Australia. Each one of Mum’s family and friends took their own Dementia Journey with her. Not one of those journeys was the same, each had their own twists and turns, highs and lows. Something that these journeys with Mum had in common (even through the tears) was smiles, love and laughter. This was Mum’s gift and her legacy to us all –  and it’s the philosophy that underpins this website.

Sharing Thoughts & Feelings



As part of my Dementia Journey, I found comfort writing about my feelings and sharing them with others. As Mum’s conditioned worsened and it became impossible to talk to her from Australia, sending her cards and words became the main way for me to communicate. I will share some of my families writings and I hope that you will share your thoughts and feelings with us too.

Through our Forum, we hope that those on a Dementia Journey can communicate with people who understand/empathise with the journey. The Forum’s aims are:

  • To provide a safe place for patients and carers to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences of their Dementia Journey;
  • To attract experts relating to the Dementia Journey to share their knowledge and experience with members;
  • To facilitate friendships by making the forum…
  • A place of peace, respect, listening, positive contributions and of course…smiles, love and laughter;

Through our Dementia Blog, we aim to share dementia related news and information from around the world as well as sharing your Dementia Journey stories.

Through Dementia Resources Section, we aim to give links to dementia related websites and blogs. If you know of a resource we should link to, please contact us.

Through Our Store, we will offer products of value to fellow dementia journeyers. If you have a product or service that you’d like us to consider selling through the Dementia Journeys Store, please contact us.

Raising Funds For Dementia Research

As a philanthropic small business, we will raise funds for dementia research. Our fundraising will include donating profits from selected products, fundraising activities and the promotion our users’ events. However, be assured that we will never contact you asking for donations.

Smiles, love and laughter

John Belchamber



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