Understanding the Dementia Experience

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Understanding the Dementia Experience

Jennifer Ghent-Fuller recently emailed me to bring her free ebooks and videos on Understanding the Dementia Experience to the attention of Dementia Journeyers. I’m pleased to be able to make these available to you here.

Book 1: Understanding the Dementia Experience

This article has been available as a pdf file since 2002. In that time it has been downloaded by thousands of people and linked on many caregiver web sites. In this version, the pamphlet, ‘How to Interact with a Person with Dementia (with memory loss)’, which has been popular since 2000, by the same author, has been included. Also included is the table of contents of the book expansion. Download here >>


Book 2: Thoughtful Dementia Care: Understanding the Dementia Experience

An easy-to-read and sensitive portrayal of the changing world of people with dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease or other diseases, and those who care for them. Offers insights into emotional reactions and practical suggestions based on deep understanding of the way people with dementia view many situations.

4483ec623c637ef0170735095d93a3a5156b310a-thumbJennifer carefully explains the loss of various types of memory and other thinking processes. She describes how these losses affect the day-to-day life of people with dementia, their understanding of the world around them and their personal situations. The many portrayals of real life experiences clarify and deepen the explanations. Jennifer is a nurse who worked for many years as an educator and counsellor for people with dementia and their families, as well as others in caring roles. She addresses the emotional and grief issues in the contexts in which they arise for families living with dementia. This book is intentionally written in easily understood plain language. “Thoughtful Dementia Care” is an expansion of the free paper by the same author, “Understanding the Dementia Experience”, which has been widely distributed online and received much praise over the past ten years. Download here >>>

Videos Thoughtful Dementia Care: Understanding the Dementia Experience

This two-part video was made at a conference in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada on May 9, 2013. In the video, Jennifer Ghent-Fuller describes thoughtful care which comes from attempting to fully understand the experience of people with dementia. The descriptions in this video will help family members and others who are concerned with providing the best possible care while controlling their own stress.

About Jennifer Ghent-Fuller

Jennifer Ghent-Fuller worked as a nurse in Canada for over twenty-five years, the last eleven as an educator and support counsellor for people with dementia and their families and other carers. Jennifer has a Bachelor of Arts from Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario), a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, British Columbia), and a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario). Jennifer has also worked as a volunteer in the fields of literacy and elder abuse prevention. She is now retired.

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