Filming the Purple Angel Demen...

28 Jun, 2015 by

The Purple Angel, is going global with this Kickstarter Project. Help them film in the USA. Check out their goals – be part of the team making this happen!

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Cooking For Mum Project

27 Jun, 2015 by

Cooking For Mum is a fresh and exclusive project uniting women from all walks of life through their mum’s favourite recipe.

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Carers Week 2015 Offer –...

9 Jun, 2015 by

To celebrate Carers Week 2015 and all of the amazing carers out there, I’d like to offer you all a free Me-book Template.

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Don’t Neglect Your Own Well-be...

6 Jun, 2015 by

Looking after a loved one can really take its toll both physically and mentally, making it easy to neglect your own needs.

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