Person-Centered Care

24 Dec, 2014 by

This video beautifully portrays the lives of 5 people living with dementia and shows how person-centered care helps them live meaningful lives.

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Song raises funds for The Purp...

23 Dec, 2014 by

Norman MacNamara launches a new song to raise funds for The Purple Angel Care Team.

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Can your Mother come live with...

22 Dec, 2014 by

“Mom should not be living alone anymore” Suzette Brown talks about her experience on hearing those words.

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Reading in the Moment: Activit...

15 Dec, 2014 by

Reading in the Moment: Activities and Stories to Share with Adults with Dementia by Anne Vize

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Hospices and Their Ethos of Ca...

14 Dec, 2014 by

Pippa Kelly used to have an irrational fear of hospices. The very sound of the word, with its soft susurrations, whispered of sorrow and foreboding.

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Purple Angel Dementia Care Tea...

13 Dec, 2014 by

Norman McNamarra is delighted to announce the first Purple Angel Care Team is coming in early 2015

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