Dementia Blogs: Which Me Am I Today

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Dementia Blogs: Which Me Am I Today

Dementia Blogs: Which Me Am I Today

Gemma Mitchell recently tweeted me a link to her Mum’s new blog about her Dementia Journey which has just begun. On the 31st July 2014 Gemma’s Mum Wendy was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. As Wendy writes on her About Me Page:

I may not have much of a short term memory anymore but that date is one I’ll never forget.

I’m 58 years young and live happily alone in Yorkshire, UK. I have 2 daughters and I’m currently still in full time employment. I have never ‘tweeted’, ‘blogged’ or ‘facebooked’ in my life but since I was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, everything else in my life has changed, so why not this. I hope you find my ramblings of interest.

Please Say Hello To Wendy

I ask you all to drop by and subscribe to Wendy’s blog and encourage her on her Dementia Journey. In her first post below, she wonders if anyone will read her words…I suspect you wonderful Dementia Journeyers will!

Wendy’s First Post

Today is the first day of recording my daily ramblings of living with dementia. Why today? Well, my experiences up until now have always been as though Alzheimer’s was in the future. This week has been a bad week and I’ve realised that Alzheimer’s is now part of (and increasingly encroaching on) my life. So today seems as good a day as any to acknowledge the need to learn to live with it and adapt my life with each challenge it throws at me.

Will anyone read this? Maybe, maybe not. The purpose of venturing into this whole new world is to allow me a way to record what it’s like to live with dementia as the condition takes hold. To write my thoughts, experiences and views. I think both academics and professionals in all fields – cause, cure, care and prevention- could find my ramblings a useful insight into the reality of day to day living with Alzheimer’s. Others may find they too have similar experiences which lead to the acknowledgement that they are not alone. However, if the only purpose it serves is the ability to give me the opportunity to empty my head of thoughts and tangles in order to make room for new thoughts, then it will have been a useful exercise.

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  1. gemmamitch

    Thank you so much for sharing my mum’s blog! I am so incredibly proud of my mum – she writes with humour but never shies away from difficult topics. Thanks so much again!

    • Gemma, it’s a pleasure to share your Mum’s blog.
      She kindly emailed me which touched me greatly.
      May you all share and remember smiles, love and laughter.

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