Me-book Evergreen Template

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Me-book Evergreen Template

Dementia Products – Me-book Evergreen Template:  This Me-book is about the things I would like you to know about me. I hope that it will help you with caring for me and my family.







Me-book Evergreen Template

I produced Me-book Evergreen Template dementia product having been on a Dementia Journey with my Mum and experiencing what it is like for a family to hand over the care of a loved one to professionals.

By completing each section of this template with your own text and photos, you’ll be providing information that will make the transition as smooth as possible for your loved one, their new carers and you.

Me-book-Template-Evergreen-Style.pptx-2Whilst I cannot hope to provide sections to suit every Dementia Journeyers’ situation, I hope that I have given you enough to inspire you into creating a wonderful Me-book for your loved one and their carers.

The sections include in Me-book template are:

  • Instructions – how to use this PowerPoint template;
  • Saving Your Me-book – tips on how to save your PowerPoint presentation for different uses;
  • In The Beginning – about your loved ones birth and first home;
  • My Parents & Siblings;
  • Childhood Memories;
  • My Favourite Photos – I’ve added several of these pages so you can add in appropriate photographs, but you can add as many as you need to tell the story;
  • School Days;
  • University / College Days;
  • My Working Life;
  • My Partner;
  • My Children;
  • My Son /Daughter’s Family – add as many as you need to cover the whole family;
  • My Hobbies & Interests;
  • My Routines & Habits;
  • My Favourite Food & Drink;
  • Communicating With Me – explain how best to communicate with your loved one;
  • Things That May Upset Me – things may upset or worry your loved one;
  • Things That Calm Me;
  • My Medications
  • My Personal Care – your loved ones usual practices, preferences and level of assistance required in the bath, shower or other;
  • My Sleeping Habits;
  • Emergency Contact Details;
  • Emergency Special Instructions – things that people need to know in the event of an emergency;
  • Legal Representatives – their Lawyer and/or Power Of Attorney;
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Note: Dementia Journeys products are managed by Carers Help Carers and payments will show up on your credit card as CARERSHELPC.

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