Dementia Journey Greeting Cards

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Dementia Journey Greeting Cards

JRB’s Haiku have published a range of Dementia Journey greeting cards which can be customised with your own photos. A great way to express yourself  to your loved ones.







Dementia Journey Greeting Cards

Dementia Journey Greeting Card 2JRB’s Haiku (aka John Belchamber) is working on a project to publish Dementia Journey related haiku, poems and other writings. As part of this project, John has made a range of dementia related products available on his Zazzle Store.

John says “the Dementia Journey Haiku I write come from feelings my family and I felt as we travelled with our Mum on her journey. Often these feelings are too hard to express at the time. By publishing these products, I hope to help others express their feelings.”

Customise Your Card

The greeting cards options allow you to put your own special image on the front or inside, leaving John’s words on the inside. This means you can make a truly personal expression of your feelings for a loved one.

As well as greeting cards, fridge magnets and mugs currently available for each of John’s poems. If there’s a Zazzle product you’d like John to make available, then contact us.

Country Stores

There is a JRB’s Haiku store for many countries, the most popular  given below:


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